When I heard my sentence “diabetes mellitus”, I was sure about one thing: I would not be pining at home. So I travelled with a heavy thermosflask containing some ice and my insulin. It did work, but it was not easy and not discrete. Neither was ice to be found in all places, nor proved the flask indestructible. But I was not complaining!

Then I discovered FRIO. What a miracle! Now my insulin is only a small package in my hand luggage. Together we travelled many miles in Asia. We travelled as a tourist through the Soenda-islands and Sulawesi, for a TV documentary to the Philippines, for my book “Atjeh, Atjeh!” to Sumatra and last summer to a hot China. Conditions were often primitive, but there was always a washbasin or a bucket from which my FRIO could absorb some water to keep my insulin at a safe temperature for days. What a travel companion! In order to preserve our friendship for infinity/posterity we had a picture taken at another world wonder: the Great Wall of China. Although the temperature was 32 C (89 F), as always this did not effect my insulin.


Jelte Rep, producer/author