Frío® Migra Head Soother

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For pain relief of Migraine, sinuses, headaches or simple hangovers!
Frío® Migras are extremely versatile and can be used at a variety of temperatures as required by the user.
When being used in the home where a refrigerator is available, your Migra should be first activated in water (as per our instruction leaflet.) If a very cold temperature is required, place the Migra in the fridge for 15 minutes or so or until the required coldness is achieved before using. Repeat cooling in the fridge as necessary. When using your Migra away from a fridge while traveling etc. it is only necessary to immerse the unit in cold water for 20 minutes (as per our instruction leaflet) to achieve a very effective, soothing low temperature. If after 30 minutes or so, the Migra appears to be losing some of its coolness, remove from your head for several seconds and give it a vigorous shake before continuing use. This action has the effect of moving the interior cooling gel around so that they can further dissipate any heat absorbed from your body. The cooling process of your Migra will continue for several days after activation. The Frío® cooling system has been tested and approved by the British Medical Devices Evaluation Unit and the FDA in the USA. It is nevertheless strongly recommended that anyone suffering from severe headaches or having any form of medical history that may be affected by cooling, should consult their doctor for advice before using a Migra for prolonged periods. Dimensions: One Size

Frío® Migra Head Soother are available in colors: Black & Blue